goal 11 – sustainable cities and communities

Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.


A global challenge to provide adequate, safe and affordable housing with basic services for human populations that includes animals; and provides for climate resilience for urban and peri-urban settlements with planned green spaces, adequate transport, appropriate sanitation, capitalizing the use of sustainable local materials, reduction of heat sinks and unplanned development. In order to safe guard the world’s cultural and natural heritage in the development for human habitation needs to be inclusive of a diverse range of concerns.

These include green spaces for wildlife in order to protect biodiversity and reduce increasing impacts on climate change; appropriate areas for livestock to ensure climate resilience and provide for food security without extended transport that could negatively impact animal welfare; and a space for people with their companion animals that allows for good management of public health and biosecurity for a harmonious community that provides housing with dignity for people and animals.

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