Giving animals a voice.

Our mission is to speak up on behalf of other animals and insure that they are acknowledged as stakeholders in all decisions regarding the future of the planet.



Dedicated to change.


The consequences of how we treat other species on our health, on global security, national economies, and environmental sustainability are undeniably a major cause of not only climate change, but pandemics, terrorism, the failure of economic systems, and the destruction of ecosystems. Unless the welfare and conservation of other animals is included in the implementation of all 17 SDGs, we will never reach the goals.

Instead of regarding animals as our respected partners in a healthy planet, we have turned them into commodities to be purchased, abused and exploited at will. In doing so, we are destroying ourselves and the planet.

As humans, we decide whether the planet lives or dies. By rethinking our relationship to other species we could save it.